Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or you have already gone for your first date, communication is indeed crucial. In today’s world, the most common form of communication before and after the meeting date is texting. Some people find texting as an insincere way of communicating but the truth is, texting has its advantages. In certain circumstances, texting is very important than calling. If you still argue that calling is what should be trending, Read More on reasons why texting is healthier than calling

No clear train of thought? Texting can save your situation

Having strong emotions or opinions can mess with your ability to deliver an accurate message to your date or partner. In situations like this, calling can make you say things that you did not intend to say. To avoid such scenarios, it is best if you convey your message through texting. By doing that, you will be allowing yourself to plan for the text. You can even revise your text after you can structure it. through texting, you can be able to avoid phrases and messages that can make your situation or an argument worse than it is.

Are you traveling? Texting is ideal for you

When you are traveling especially through public means, chatting through phone calls can be irritating. You will also appear to be insensitive to those people who are around you. Instead of annoying people who are around you, you should quickly construct a clear message to your beloved date. Make it short and clear. Ensure that all that you wanted to talk through calling is incorporated through the texting. Read More on texting and traveling for good texting habits.

Are you in any kind of danger? Do not call, just text

Accidents do occur and terrorists also exist. You might find yourself in a situation whereby you are held hostage or kidnapped. In such circumstances, calling can reveal your hiding place. Instead of calling you should put your phone on silent and text. When you call, you are putting yourself in further risk that can even cost your life.

Are you two discussing sensitive information? Texting is the right ways to go

You might be at a public place but you feel the urge to communicate sensitive information to your date. If you consider calling your date, all your secrets will be out in the public. You might even make people around you to feel uncomfortable and irritated. To avoid such embarrassments, you will rather write a simple message to your date on what you would wish to pass across.

Are you busy? Use text messages

You might be in need of communicating with your new catch but your day is super busy. In such circumstances, making a call can be pretty hard. If you make a call, it will mean that you will have to stop all that you are doing and concentrate on the call. That will take much of your time and at the end of the day, you will not have accomplished what you wanted. In such circumstances, texting makes it much easier for you. With a simple text, you can easily plan for your date or meeting after work. You will easily communicate without having to forgo your daily responsibilities.

Are you the shy type of person? Use messages

Another circumstance that makes texting a suitable option is when you are shy to communicate through calling. This can well work with introverts. Those people who find it hard to express themselves through calls can easily do it through text messages.

When giving directions

Sometimes giving direction through texting is much easier than through calling. When you call, you might end up misleading your date or catch especially when you do not know the direction very well. When using text to convey your message, you have all the time to construct a message and come up with the correct direction of where you two would wish to meet. You have Google maps on your phone and you have an hour to answer the message. You can even Google the direction and after you have written the text, you can go through once again just to make sure that you are giving the right directions. Read More on texting and directions today.

When you have never met

It is very normal to date online these days. You can easily open a dating site of your choice and meet someone that you like so much. If you consider calling your new catch, chances are that you will have some awkward moments between you. you will end up with no words because you do not even know each other. On your first time chatting, do it through texting. Texting will save you from those awkward moments. You will also come up with a super plan on how you should text your date.


There are many means of communicating these days and one of them is through texting. Texting has become the number one method of texting especially when you are hearing from someone for the first time. I am talking about online dating. You cannot just spot someone today and decide that you should call them. even if you do, you might lack what to say after the greetings. Therefore, it is best if you text and know each other first before you can freely call each other.