Thecarcover was founded in 1987 in Santa Monica, California. It is the oldest and the largest privately owned car cover and accessories retailer in the United States.They produce covers daily, carefully monitoring and testing for durability and water resistance in a private facility. One should keep in mind that they need to go in for Thecarcover. This is something really good and you can enjoy your time making sue of this. It is something very important and you need to keep this in mind. It is something that one has to offer. This is the business from a very long time and giving very good results and you will surely enjoy making use of this without any problems. The process are very good and you get very good value for money.

Today, over 10 varieties of fabrics and 20 varieties of fitments are offered.

Products offered

  1. Exterior Accessories:-car covers, truck covers, SUV Covers, Van Covers, ATV Covers, Limousine covers, etc. Prices range from Make sure that you buy things from Thecarcover, this will help you in getting things done. This helps a great deal and makes the process much easier, so that you do not have any issues.
  2. Interior Accessories:-Auto Seat Covers, Auto floor Mats, Steering Wheel covers. Make sure you go in for a brand like Thecarcover, this will give you quality and you will not need to worry about anything.

Car Seat Covers – Superior Red Black Faux PU Leather (17pc)

  1. Accessories Aisle;-Caliper Paints; Auto care; Wheel covers

2 Caliper Paint – 11 Colors

Plastic / Universal Car Covers

Oxford Plastic Covers provide the best protection for commercial & residential use. The universal covers are a clear plastic material with elastic hems for easy fitment. Make sure that you gin for something that gives you very good value for money, there is nothing better. There are lots of people who are going in for something. It is very important that you take care of things and give value for money. Go in for something really good which can give you very good value for money and that makes the process much easier.


Most consumers are oblivious on offered on the Internet, with prices varying from under $30 to over $300. TheCarCover offers the best and cheapest products possible. It is something very important that you need to take note of. Once you do that then things will be better. It is something very important that one has to know.

TheCarCover provides numerous auto Products offered are for every types, boats, among others and this is something that is known to give good results and you can also get from comfort of your home what you want and that is the best part about, you cannot ask for anything more on this..

Do I need a car cover anyway?

The Car covers provided by TheCarCover offers the following advantages of making use of Thecarcover:

  1. Pollutants-chemicals floating in air due to production plants, smog produced by industries, bird droppings, snow/ice/hail, dust, dirt, Ultra Violet rays from the sun all damage the car both interior and exterior. This reduces the car value and performance. This is something important and you have to keep track of that.
  2. Breathable-All covers from keep from trapping heat. The paint won’t suffer due to lack of oxygen, the dashboard won’t overheat due to direct sunlight.
  3. UV Resistant- special additives injected into the fabric protect the car from degradation both interior and exterior.
  4. Dust Proof- fiber encapsulation processes prevents dust from filtering through the fabric.
  5. Small and light- the covers are easy to store. This is something really good and you can go in with something called, Thecarcover, this is one of the best and gives very good options. There are many people who are really good and can give real value for money.
  6. Durable- performs well in extremely high or low temperatures.
  7. Gentle on the Paint Work-soft touch, guard from scratches. This is something that is going to give good results and value for money and will protect things completely and that is the best part about things. You cannot ask for anything more.
  8. Won’t rot or grow mildew- after rainfall, even when folded, the car cover won’t rot or support growth of mildew.
  9. Theft Deterrent- since the car is covered, will not waste their time removing the car cover-‘out of sight out of mind”. A lock kit set also adds security to the car. There are many people who can go in for something that is really good and can provide good results and will not be a problem.

How do car covers compare with other car covers?

    1. Most car covers are UV stabilizer sprayed to reflect the sun’s harmful rays. Most of these sprays can be very dangerous and cancerous to human skin. TheCarCover DOESN’T use any harmful chemicals by making us of Thecarcover.
    2. Most other covers rely on stitching at the center due to lack of machinery technology. The CarCovercovers are manufactured, this can help a great deal to get work done and this will not be a problem.
  1. Each cover follows a pattern based on specific custom fitted sizes by our staff in the US. Other companies use “one size fits all”.

Other Products

Floor Mats provides a floor mat that has the lowest cost and best convenience.

Seat Covers

For perfect interior, the best protection for your upholstery is attained. A seat cover will improve your car’s value and interior safety, besides improving the car’s looks.

More Comfortable Auto accessories

Auto accessories make your car more comfortable, stylish, clean, safe, and enjoyable.

Car accessories likecar covers protects your car, preventscar damages and keep it looking clean and new.

Other auto parts accessories like mud flaps, brake pads, and brush guard are also available.

Entertainment auto accessories makesyour trip more enjoyable.

GPSs, backup cameras, and other safety accessories improve safety of the car.